RuneScape is currently a bonafide classic, and it's actually awe-inspiring (to state the least) that it still has an enormous player base given that its creation. In fact, the game is still actively adding benefits in their Club plans, and the most recent incarnation of this is the Gold Premier Club plan.

Touted as the very best RuneScape offer of the year, it has because ended up being the topic of much dispute among players. Some consider it as not worth it, while others defend it by laying out the reasons. In this post, we will agree the latter and take the liberty to highlight facts that show RuneScape Gold would actually allow you to make the most out of your RuneScape We will do this by determining the notable advantages that you will obtain from Gold Premier.

The 150k Loyalty Points

Veteran players of RuneScape would all tell you that Commitment Points are among the most important properties you can acquire in-game. After all, you can spend it on exclusive auras, attire, emotes, as well as a host of other functions that are not available somewhere else. Nevertheless, these points are rather difficult to get especially if you are simply starting. It would take you months or even a year to obtain 150,000 Commitment Points.

This is why you can simply picture how time-saving and efficient the Gold Premier Club is, thinking about that it rewards you with 150k points on a monthly basis. Numerous players concur that this is among the best selling points of RuneScape Gold.

Daily Treasure Hunter Key

Another eye-catcher in this offer are the total of 365 keys that you'll receive in an entire year of RuneScape. These keys are constantly wished for due to the fact that they open chests that include unusual and exceptionally valuable items and bonus offer rewards that make your RuneScape life simpler (XP lamps that improve experience got, for one). Getting an additional key daily would certainly be nothing brief of game-changing for the average gamer, making this perk truly valuable.

VIP Premier World Access

This is really helpful as it acts as a ticket for you to try brand-new content that is being launched the minute they are presented in-game. Consider this as an opportunity that just a select-few have, offering you a substantial advantage over other players.

All-Around Value for Money

If you'll do the math, particularly if you're just worried about membership expenses than the perks, you'll certainly see that the Gold Premier Club really lets you conserve money when get a 12-month membership subscription. You'll get to have a 1 year access costs $10 less than the standard 12-month subscription, and you'll acquire all the benefits that include Gold.

Veteran players, especially those who already have grandfathered rates, are also motivated to avail of this as the perks found in Gold cannot be obtained elsewhere (besides, doesn't the Hellion Cape look badass?). That being said, if you are an old-time player and find the Gold bonus offers appealing then do not think twice to obtain it. If you're worried about spending more, know that you'll only pay an extra $20 more (presuming you currently have the Grandfather result) for perks that would make your RuneScape life more practical.